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Interview with XiaoY and SPL by AgFox_Cathy
Date: 09.03.2010
Author: LuckyGnom.CooKie
Links: n/a

During the 2 weeks I stay in AgFox, almost every afternoon, around 16:00, I will see xiaoY asking managers to arrange for a friendly match. And then SPL will be buzy with the friendly match for the hole night. The 2 diligent and hardworking guys have already cautht the attention of cat~cat! . Yesterday, when SPL arranged for 2 friendy matches one night, we can no longer just be waiting here. So we interviewed them at once.
While, I have predicted that I am not able to deal with two guys who are all too active zunge raus. So I invited Sataharu to do the interview together with me. I bet this issue is very funny, I just couldn't stop laughing during the prosesses.
Following is the content of the interview:

Sat:What up you guys. First of all, according to the practice, introuduce yourselves to us plz.
Spl:Well, I need to weigh and consider. xiaoy first..
Y:How are you doing````I am Seven_smilewhy,also called xiaoy... While, most people prefer to call me God Y.
C:hello..God Y.
Spl:Hello, I am Seven_spl. My teammates like to call me as Spl, which is short for Special.

C:I got it So SPL, as the most promising team manager that Eon think, are you under some kind of pressuer ?
Y:Very much I think he is.
Spl: Pressure, yeah, sure... While, I am just a novice,a beginer.
Well, in fact, I fell no pressure at all, just have fun..

C:You are mixed-up,right,have or havent?I mean pressure.
Spl:A litte.

Sat:Cat has questioned SPL, now let me question Xiaoy. He is very good cause he showed us how win a wc3 gamer of level 2 on VS client during our last ShangHai Team party. We were shocked by his perfomance..As an idol of a huge amount of people, are you under pressure?
Y:Yeah,I do fell pressuer..
C:Sat said he is feeling not good.......

C: SPL, Do you know your battle report has broken with AgFoxs tradition, which was featured with short, lack of content and no adj or realative pronoun, and it has impacted on other managers seriously.
Spl:Are they novice? So show them how to do, and then they will do better,follow me is right...
Y:They are all older than you.....thx.
C:Haha, I am wondering that how will Well,Aimo,ZQ,Kot,H teach you a lesson..

C:XiaoY, would you plz tell me why you enjoy friendly match so much. Is that because you like to be observed?
Y:Nay, it is because the long vacations, I am boring, and friendly match may help me improve myself effectively.
Sat:uhhh, aggressive man```.

Sat:XiaoY, I think you possess something different..
Y: Oh,really? Whats that?
Sat:No matter how many times you lost, you can always be confident.
May he or she will say: how could I suffer it and then break his/her keyboard, but you can keep smiling and face everything. How could you do that, do you have some ways to share?
Y:Uhhh,how to say. I just...believe one saying from XY...You should keep smiling and then face everything..

C: Well,SPL. It seems not a long time that you have joined our team, and you are already an ancillary team leader, and I heard ZQ is going to put you in charge of one national league. What a praiseworthy achievement it is! Do you have some objectives or development direction?
Spl:Its so cool to be a team manager, I can look on so many games - - I like watching games more than play it myself. Then Sars introduced me to come, I feel it is so good since I come. As well as making lots of friends here. My goal~ is to fight in elimination games of all kinds of leagues.

C:Who has taught you most, as you think?
Y:It has to be me.
Spl:ah.. KOT and Hawzat.
Spl:They would have a word in my ear initiatively when I wrote or do sth wrong. And teach me how to correct,as well ZQ.

C:What kinds of team managers do you want to be? If use KOT aimo ZQ H well as samples.
Spl:Mm.. I havent thought it over for the moment,I think team manager is just one of members. Its so cool to chat with everyone.
C:soga~ xiaoY,and you?
Y: Make a remarkable achievement in League CWCL.

(after 1 min)
C:..just ewww?
Sat:I am brewing sensation now,ok? Dont disturb me!
C: - -!

Sat:xiaoY has brought into focus of players. As a new epock slugger,all the big and little matches steady lost at the beginning,so much steady,everyone admire you very the New Year begins,let us also get a new start. I heard that xiaoY has won the friendly match.. what a nice representation he has made.. And xiaoY is at Holiday now,so have much time, what expectation or objective do you have in new year? What do you want to say to everybody?
Y:me.. In fact,I have no objective, just want to work hard to improve myself, then I can win everybody in team [DreamStar].
C:What do you want to say to everybody?
Y:I want to say that it has been half a year since I joined AgFox. I got so much from LY, and others. The ambience of our team is magniloquent, and it fits me very much. I will work harder to be stronger.
Sat:xiaoY direct the spearhead at Howzat. What do you have objective outside?Make an objective of your Winning Percentage for League CWCL?
Sat:wow,very high.
Sat: So easy to be arrogant...
Sat:Whatever, I am looking forward to the performance of xiaoY.. Hope xiaoY will get exp books everyday and have a good achievement in the coming leagues.
Y:em,wait for my good result. Thanks for aunt CM^_^
Sat:em thanks for xiaoY.

Sat:How long do you been a team manager?
Spl:em,half a month - -
Sat:em,not a very long time. Team manager is not a very easy work. Do you think you can adapt yourself to it right now?
Spl: - - I love it so much. Thanks to Sars for taking me to AgFox again.
Sat: Yep. So Spl did his duty very well, devoted to himself silently for decades on end, and everyone aslo kept ignoring you for decades on end,a new year just came, do you have any expectaions?And do you have something to say to us?
Spl:em, far from being for decades on end.
Sat:Everyone kept ignoring to you,this is point, dont focus on decades on end- -#
Spl: everyone also cooperate me well, AgFox is really passional.I hope AgFox will maintain this.

C:haha, have already set many traps for you guys. Well,next we will ask some questions from our teammates. Let me ask SPL first. Well asked .. Could you borrow him your Mobile HDD 0.0
Spl:Sure,if he come Xuzhou.

C:0.0 Why did he borrowed yours? Appeal true result.
Sat:This question I think, should be cut out. Dont take it to bbs.
Y:it could be deleted>_<

C: Please answer ,thx.
Spl:I dont know. My HDD is clean. Thats all data.
C: I see!
C: ZQ and H asked if you adore them (H said if you say no, you will be drumned out)
Spl: Sure, I do, of couse.
C:What a weak SPL >_< So easy to give in. 0.0,I do admire H and ZQ.
C:xiaoP asked you if you want to be gay with him..
Spl:hmm,xiaoP is so handsome haha.Yes, I will consider it.
C:.. ZQ asked you.. the new season,what result do you want to bring out of SeVen in this season?How do you feel about our roster now?
Y:He has a so powerful player like me,so he is must satisfied?
Spl:SeVen must risk in rank this year, about the roster,1vs1 is powerful, but 2vs2 is not really.We must practise 2vs2 decisively.
Y:COIL and I on 2vs2 is weak?

Sat:Hmm,we believe spl,too.He can find a suitable player to crusage for 2v2 of CWCL,conduct SeVen get a good achievement. I have some questions with members to xiaoY.Here they are..
Howzat ingeminated that I have to ask you.. xiaoY why are you so fool
Y:That is because Howzat is the captain of Seven.
Sat: Aimo also ingeminated that I have to ask you.. xiaoY why are you so fool
Y:Because AIMO is the vice captain of Seven, they two team leaders make the ambience of our team stupid.
Sat:hmm..AgFox is really united.. everyone has reached a comsumer. Another manager,who is our guest -Spl today.. also ask you,why are you so fool..
Y:Because Spl is going to be the vice team captain of SeVen soon.

Sat:Hmm,shihuai asked you that do you have girlfriend?
Y:Yeah,soldiers cant have girlfriends, I understand,dont feel lonely,dont envy.

Sat:vizir No asked xiaoY,he said.xiaoY,tell me your girlfriends Cell Phone Number and name?
Y:XQ.Cell Phone Number you can call number 114 to search.
C: XQ?
Spl:.. Xu Qian

Sat:This question is not very kind,he asked you when are you going to break up with your girlfriend- -
Y:When he is no longer stupid.

Sat:em, xiaoY also is nice man,wish you and your girlfriends love days of tomorrowafter all Howzat had no suspense to get **** champion in a row 2 times.
Y:Yeah, everyone understands.

C:okay Ill say sth official . Thanks xiaoY and SPL for accepting the interview^_^ And also thank you guys for your payment and struggle ..
Y:Thanks CCTV SMG to give me this chance

Sat:Good bye.

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