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Interview with eon_1 by AgFox_Cathy
Date: 03.03.2010
Author: LuckyGnom.CooKie
Links: n/a

Here lets welcome the sencond issue of our Cat~Cat! Interview column. This week I interviewed our sponsor eon_1. He is really a punctual person since he just got on line at our appointed time 22:00. He do cherish his time, doesnt he?
From the conversantion, we can understand his support and his emotion to our Team. Whatever, the sponsor for our team right now is an experiment. We dont know how much it would help to accelerate the development of fox, and we can not tell what fox will be in the future. Can we really do as well as what LG hopes, to be professional? That is not predictable. While, our enthusiasm, endeavors, and the time and youth we spent together in Agfox will be impressed in our mind forever. Just like what eon said, The time may confirm everything.
Following is the content of the interview:

Cathy:Hello Eon,Good evening!````

Cathy:As usual,introduce yourslef to us```
E:Whats up,everybody.I am Eon,I come frome ShangHai.Age:25.I am now a music editor,music
education and all the work about music.Beforce I join Clan AgFox, I was the captain of Clan Mesto. I love wc3 very much, it is the game that has accompanyed with me for half of my youth time.
It is a game that I will never regret playing it.

Cathy:How long have you joined AgFox?
E:More than 2 years.

Cathy:Not a short time~~~So what is the most impressive thing for you?
E:Let me see, it is our first team party, make lots of friends and the impressive thing is that osls surround Show. osl is much more handsome than ZQ.haha

Cathy:Thats Osl``..I heard that you are sponsoring Agfox at present,and this competitions prize,too.Is that right?
E: Yes,I do,but how to operate is dicided by Zq and our team guys. Maybe it will be announced later, but right now, its a top secret(the prize).After all,I will do my best.

Cathy:How about your sponsor plan?How long will you sponsor AgFox?
E:uhhhh,Until I retire if possible. But my son,my grandson will hand it over.

Cathy:wow~ So whats the reason that make you sponsor AgFox?
E:Because we are powerful,mighty..ha..supprot AgFox is more like supportting myself,so i like it.Have fun everyone```

Cathy:ahh^_^. Do you think AgFox could be a professional team someday?
E:I can never tell by words, but I think if we try, we will gain. Whether we will be professional or not, this will be confirmed by time,HOHO..

Cathy: Of course we do^_^ Who do think is our best player and team manager?
E:Team manager:SPL,well...Player:osl.CM.

Cathy:How about H and ZQ?
E:Well, they are good enough and dont need to be encouraged.zunge raus ZQ is our old captain..........

Cathy: Do you see our Cat~Cat interview column?
E:yes,I do.

E:..uh...I promise.

Cathy:Thank you for your supporting. I heard that you used to sing in a bar?
E:yep,but thats my early days.

Cathy:You are still a young
E:Not as young and innocent as you.haha

Cathy:Well, thank you. Im not as mature and rich as you. Whats your hobby?
E: ha,all the things about music. I play piano,guitar and violin. And I love Chinese Kung-fu..

Cathy:wow~you do have lots of talents. OK, then Im going to ask you some questions from our teammates.

Cathy:Teddy asked if you are willing to play with him>_<
E: Of couse. Im not afraid of losing

Cathy:Well,you are modest. SW said his VIP of VS client is going to be expired. So he asked when will you provide him a new one?
E:Maybe he should ask ZQ. Such things are not decided by me. XD

Cathy:hmm.. H asked if he will receive the awardmonth best manager
E:That relates to his performance

Cathy:And H has another questionDo you think if you and him are suited to each other?
E:I think Cathy and I are suited to each other. And H and ZQ seem to be a nice couple.

Cathy:- -! Well..Thank you for your time. Hope you will be in good mood everyday.
E: OK. Same to you.

PS:Thanks Teddy for helping translating ^_^

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